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Maintaining Your Healthy Penis

A healthy penis requires care and attention
Tips for a Healthy Penis | Large Penis Professionals | Serious Discussion

Friends come and friends go, but there’s one thing that will always be there for us and that’s our best friend between our legs. A penis is a beautiful body part and can give us pleasure whenever, wherever and with whomever we want… and with ourselves. Maintaining your healthy penis is important for a life time of fun and function too.

Maintaining a healthy penis for a lifetime of fun
The big ones make a sound when they drop. This guy is a flaccid shower.

How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

  • Maintain a healthy weight – Stomach fat will add chub to your lower abdominal section. It may look like your penis is shrinking when in fact, it’s getting buried from the base.
  • Eat in moderation – Obesity steals our testosterone production and the cholesterol clogs our arteries in our bodies, including the thick one to our penis. This can lead to irreversibleerectile dysfunction, as opposed to temporary psychological ED, that can render our erections useless. We are not recommending giving up alcohol or fatty foods but consuming them in moderation will not clog the blood flow to our cocks.
  • Stress – Don’t let the office stress get into your pants. Because we are men, we internalize our problems and this can lead to less erections and ejaculations (that’s psychological ED!). Learn how to deal with stress in your own way and don’t let it do a number between your legs.
  • Smoking – It’s bad for your lungs and also for your pecker. Smoking restricts blood flow to the delicate blood vessels. If you like your cumshots, quit smoking. Oh yeah, it causes cancer too.
  • Drying balls and cock to prevent fungus.
    A dry crotch keeps fungus and bacteria from flourishing.
  • Cleaning – Bacteria builds up in warm, moist places, especially in the folded skin in crotch. A penis smell from jock itch or sweaty gym shorts smells different from our normal musky man scent created by precum. Having a clean penis and dry balls will not leave a bad taste in your someone’s mouth.
  • Get plenty of Sleep – As your wife or partner knows, we get frequent and sustained boners when we sleep. The blood flow keeps the penile tissue healthy by recharging it with nutrients after a long day of being couped up in our shorts. Sleep naked and hang free at night.
  • Get More Erections – A healthy penis means the tissue gets exercised with frequent erections. To get more erections, don’t look at more porn but rather hit the gym to boost your testosterone levels and your libido. Lifting weights will get your muscles harder as well as your cock.
  • Have Safe Sex and Lots of It – A healthy sex life with yourself and others will keep the muscle memory alive in that area. Keep the penile and ejaculatory muscles in shape by putting them to work daily. Use or lose it!
  • STD Testing – Don’t think it can’t happen to you. The majority of STDs will come with no visual or smelly symptoms. The test is as simple as peeing in a cup… but since you’re there, you might as well add an anal and throat swap while your there. How often you get tested for STDs is determined by how much action your getting and giving.
  • Enjoy your hard manhood often. Large penises have many veins feeding the penile tissue.
  • Emotional Healthy – Think about it guys – there are people we do not get along with at work or in the neighborhood and there’s zero chance that they could ever make us hard, even if they had the last hole in the world.

    So surround yourself with good friends and lovers who bring out the best of you and your dick. Have buddies that you can take talk and joke with about sex. Get a lover that turns you on and enjoy life.
Good emotional health also means not suffering guilt or shame for our masculinity. We do what we do because we are men.

Most of us take our health for granted while we are young. Men with large penises have to take more care of our large organ to ensure the penile tissue and skin stays in tip-top shape. By maintaining a healthy penis, you can have a lifetime of fun and function from our best friend between our legs.

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